Keynote Address

July 18, 2017
9:15 am
Yankee Stadium

Leadership and Team Building Skills
"The Use of Smart Power Strategyā€¯

Presented by: Cameron R. Hume
Former United States Ambassador to Algeria, Indonesia and South Africa 

At Stadium Series, former US Ambassador, Cameron Hume, will share his with the audience his power of strategy approach to create long term working relationships with already existing teams. He will focus on how through diplomacy, an incoming leader can launch and sustain strong working partnerships with organizational structures already in place.

Cameron R. Hume is a career diplomat who has served as United States ambassador to Algeria, South Africa, and Indonesia. He is a member of the United States Foreign Service, rank of career minister and his earlier assignments included Italy, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, the United Nations and the Holy See.

He has published three books, is a graduate of Princeton University, has a JD from American University, and has been an international affairs fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations, and Harvard University.  He has been a U.S. Institute of Peace Guest Scholar and a recipient of the Princeton in Africa Honor Award.